Not my blood

We don’t share the last name, and while she may not be mine, I love her just the same.  She doesn’t have my eyes, but we share the pain together when she cries.  She may not be my blood, but I will love her through and through.

She may not be my daughter, but my love for her still goes farther. I didn’t share her first step, or the first time she skinned a knee.

In my heart forever she will always be, my someday soon to be step-daughter. I will hug her when its needed, even when I feel defeated.  I will not miss her life events, for they are my life events.

And no matter how much I allow hurt toward myself, pain she shall never have to worry.  For her dads and my love will shelter her in a hurry.

I may not always deserve her love, but I am who I am and will fight for her safety, if push came to shove.

I didn’t have to let her in, and I didn’t have to be, but I fought hard in the pushes, and I will remain in all the trials.  I will not miss her life as she grows to find herself, through each of life’s errors.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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