First you think it’s in your head because it always is.. you always over think everything. It’s what you do.

Then you fess up, something you never do.. that you are needy, and you NEED him, something you NEVER are! That you ‘need’him. So twice you approach him for a hug, both getting a one hug in return. Barely there hugs, you question the second. And the response makes sense, I mean you approached him from the side, why should he have to move, it makes full sense. And as he said later, it is ‘no less of a hug’

The next day you are talking to him of a subject and he takes it to another subject from earlier. Are you that crazy when you talk that you are all over the place, he states you make no sense, you repeat yourself at times when you talk, he never knows who he will get, and he feels he just shouldn’t talk. And now you feel hes unhappy. ( yes usually when drinking only) you are working on this.

So, now you sit next to him. Sober. Crying. And he looks at you carrying on a conversation like nothing is happening as tears are not rolling down your face. Just as you didn’t say you needed him Yesterday, just as a one armed hug is no less than a full hug.

Are you just being to sensitive lately that is all it is and youp know it and you don’t know why, this is NOT you this sucks, maybe you need to numb up, tighten your feelings, maybe you let too many feelings free. Maybe you let your heart open too much. Is that what happens when too much love happens?

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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