Summer Vacation 2021

We started the day bright and early to the airport on a plane to Salt Lake City, Saturday, July 24, 2021.  The flight was thankfully, uneventful, we went up, we came down, we landed safely. As we arrived we got our rental car and we headed to Homestead Crater for a dive. I think between flying and the almost immediate dive it caused some issues with my ears because I was miserable after.. but, it seemed worth it. From there it was off to the Cabin in Jackson, Wyoming. We settled in for the night after a long drive.

It was an early start to day two where we took a tour of Grand Teton.  It was a great tour. Very beautiful with much to see and much to learn. However, we didn’t get to see too much wildlife sadly. We did see a lot of nature which was amazing, and I am always happy with. I enjoyed the hike to to Hidden Falls the most, and while I wish we could have made it up to Inspiration Point it wasn’t quite feasible to all. After the tour we went out to a relaxing dinner to complete the evening.

Day 3 was another early start with breakfast with the eagles. A ride around stake river in a wooden boat, followed by breakfast at the tiki camp where we got to see horses and Naomi got to paddle around in a wooden boat on a pond.  Afterwards, we headed to Teton Village to poke around and enjoy lunch and then back to the Cabin to rest up for our evening events and grilled there for dinner.  Sadly, our evening event was canceled. It appears the sky just doesn’t like us.  Stargazing was not feasible due to the smoke from the wildfires in the surrounding states.

Day 4 was just a day to relocate from Wyoming to Montana. We Left Fireside Resort and went to Under Canvas Resort. We hit up Downtown before leaving Jackson for breakfast and then hit the road.  On the drive over we took the longer scenic route through the parks and make the stop to see Ole Faithful Geyser.

Day 5 was my first time to try white water rafting.  It was relaxing. Not sure that’s how you should explain rafting.. haha.  It was fun. I did enjoy it and there where were a few moments of adrenaline spikes. At one spot we went through a point where ‘A River Runs Through it ‘ was filmed. From there we got lunch and then poked around the money grabbing tourist shops of West Yellowstone. Later I can add a couple pictures we bought, as this wasn’t the adventure to take the phones one for pictures.

Day 6 yet another early start. And yet another first. Today was kayaking. A lot harder than it looks. I was treading water the whole time. Let’s just say my wrist was killing me half way through it. It was a 6 mile paddle. It was fun but I was disappointed I had to be towed in at the very end, while it wasn’t far, it was still the fact of the matter. We had lunch from the guides and the. Did the 2 hour drive back. We went to dinner after and then relaxed from the day and enjoyed our sunburns from the day.

Day 7 is our final day in Montana. We did the best of Yellowstone tour.  Much more wildlife seen on this tour than the Grand Tetons. Saw some Elk, black bear, bison, eagle, and a blue heron. Saw some great Geysers, the Canyon and the prismatic which were all beautiful. I love the nature of it all. Our guide was great and informative. We were able to get plenty of beautiful pictures as well, I will have a hard time choosing just a few to sum up the day! Dinner followed, in West Yellowstone, for the night and back to the tent where Naomi went and made her nightly smores before bed. Probably also the first night Matt and I had in a long time where we laughed as hard as we did joking over the poorly constructed bed in the tent. It really is the little things some times.

It’s time to take the drive back to SLC so we can fly back to Texas. Are you as sad as I am? The only reason I am ready to go back is to get to my four legged baby. Today on our drive to SLC we hit up Antelope Island, the largest of the 10 Islands around Salt Lake. It was more like a peninsula given there wasn’t much water. We drove around, grabbed some pictures, along with a geochache to complete being able to grab all 4 states of the trip and headed on the SLC. Once we checked into the hotel we hit Temple Square, which was pretty but seemed to be under alot of construction.

It was a much needed time away with the love of my life, and his daughter. To just get away and disconnect. The time off work, the time out of the city, the time without electronics and the time to reconnect personally. Once getting back into SLC my first comment was ‘it’s too peoply and too building-y’ The scenery everywhere was beautiful. The times we had to get out and walk around and see nature, get pictures and just breathe was great. I imagine geocaching would have been alot more adventurous had Naomi not been so against anything that involved walking. But, at dinner we did finally get a decent smile out of the kid after all the ‘torture she went through on the trip of no screens and having to ‘roughly it for a girl who is just way to city.

It is nice to be home on the aspect of having my dog therapy and kisses, and to have my bed back, not so much on the fack of work and all the life’s distractions that get in the way of all else. But, I suppose that’s the part of life and adulting we must live with. Not to mention, it’s probably a bit cheaper. Hahaha.

I am thankful for the love I have found to be able to make these memories, and share all these adventures and look forward to writing more.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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