Never one for luck..

Unfortunately, for me I tend to suck at always knowing how to be the best of me. I fail a lot! I am not always proud of who I am but I always try to love myself regardless because I do know I am trying everyday. I don’t always deserve love from others, but I do deserve to love myself. I do promise that my intentions are always good deep down.

So why the title.. well, I was never one that was up on my luck, but when I met my love, I became one of the lucky ones. My one wish is that my words could come out right, that he will always know my promise to him as his future wife will always be true.

Since that day that we met, we’ve been through our fair share of struggles, but we’ve been through more fun, crazy, and incredible moments than I can count. We continue to make memories, moments frozen in my mind, smiles that will last a lifetime.. kisses that will forever melt my heart. Lovemaking that will forever have a bond and be more intimate than ever. And the best memory ever made is the best one of all.. the day that he got down on one knee and asked to have me for the rest of his life. An unforgettable moment that means so much. And I hope that even through all my mess up he always knows my love for him and my intentions.

This is My open promise to my love for all the world to see:

I promise to support you. To support you whether you fail or succeed. I will never make you feel inadequate and will always let you know how great you are.

I promise to grow and change with you. Throughout our marriage we will grow and change. Life will come with changes. This should never mean we should ever grow apart. Growing and changing should only make us stronger together. And there is no one else I want to do this with by my side.

I will challenge and inspire you. Just as you inspire me to be a better person every day, I will do the same for you. I will not settle for less, when I know you can always do your best potentially. I will never let you give up or quit. Just as you are my motivation, I want to be yours, side by side.

I will love you day in and day out. No matter our ups and downs, our highs and lows. I promise to never go to bed mad, I promise that we will always work through our differences and I will love you with each day. I promise to never hurt you intentionally. And that you and your daughter will always come first and with my best intentions. You are my life, my love, my world. And I can’t wait to be your future Mrs.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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