When it clicks..

Sometimes Facebook memories aren’t so bad. This came up on my feed today, something I posted 6 years ago.


Someone I know wrote this and I thought I’d share:

“There comes a point in your life where one day it just clicks… you realize what’s important and what isn’t. Everything won’t all make sense, and truth is it never will. I don’t think it is ever really supposed to, that is why it’s called LIFE, not a Fairy tale.

You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. You realize how far you’ve come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never survive. When you didn’t think you were enough, and couldn’t be there for others and you realized the life you were saving was really your own. You look back on all of those who said you never could, and thank them for pushing you to see you even harder to prove them you would.

Lastly, you SMILE. You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you’ve fought to become. Shine your light, shine bright. Be a bright ray of sunshine!! Look yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself YOU are ENOUGH. YOU MATTER.

If to anyone at all, above all rest, do it for the most important person to you, the one that will be there for you at the beginning and end of each day. Who will Love you through it all, good and bad. YOU! The real true love is looking right back at you in the mirror. Not in the eyes of another. I believe this to be true. It’s right there with you, forever. It will not lie, cheat or defy.”


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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