Stop apologising..

I wish I could say that ‘this gets me’ or ‘ I really feel this’ or whatever the temptation is these days. I have apologized my whole life for loving deeply, for being ‘too sensitive’, for hurting easily. I let things get the best of me and I am my own worst critic. When those around me hurt, I hurt.

Every word, every action, every energy hits my heart first. And when I become sensitive it causes those I need most to pull away and leave me, alone. So, why would I not apologize. To be sorry for feeling what ever it was that draws everyone away. For being the reason I am always losing those that are my world. Or to have others treat me with kid gloves because I feel. All because I love deey, I feel deeply and I am me.

Those same people who tell me not to bottle feelings, to speak and communicate, are always the first to pull away and leave me be as soon as I do just that.

All I can do from there is apologize. Apologize that they have to see me open up and feel. Being only annoying when I want to talk. Needy when I need that love I give or for missing them when they have pulled away. Emotional when I care. And just outright beyond myself when I try to take it all on, to keep myself ‘fine’ and to be there for everyone.

We all have our limits, but mine see no boundaries in the love, care a d emotions that I feel.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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