Someone who freely shares feelings

Are you someone who freely shares your feelings?

Do you do so and then get those feelings hurt?

If you are, you can understand how much it sucks! How much you wish you could just turn it all off. Just become cold.

I was never this person. But then it became ‘safe’. It seem okay to feel for one. And it seemed okay to share.But most of all, I actually felt. But now I share and get nothing in return and feels it all falls on deaf ears and like it’s not felt anyhow and that in itself hurts. The things that mean the most to me that matter the most to me. While I am pouring my heart out and there is nothing. It becomes a lonely feeling sometimes, and then I just feel I am again being sensitive.

I wish I could just stop, I wake up each morning g and say ‘ today’s the day, I am going to hold in the heartfelt feeling’ ‘ I am not going to send that special good morning text’ ‘I an not going to send an I love you or thinking of you’ just because.. I need to use the same they just know mentality.

It’s not how I’m wired because what if something happens, like with my dad, all life’s what is. Yes, I overthink too, but that is my worst fault. I am my own enemy but also my greatest quality, I have a big heart, and it all hurts me at the same time. It’s what some love and some hate about me. It’s also what makes me, ME.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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