Hope Floats

A wonderful movie. A wonderful saying. A wonderful thing. But, I also chuckle a little because I usually say in humor “Hope Floats, but so does a turd.”

I am sitting watching it after a touch time of finding out a friend passed, as I am alone while my dogs had better plans for me and my fiance and his daughter are out of town with family for Thanksgiving and I am home to care for them. Sasha got kennel cough so we couldn’t board her. Damn puppers.

Back in the day, way back in the day when this was on VHS, I owned it and watched it all the time. It was a tear jerker. Tonight I watch it and as it still is, I laugh and think ‘Harry Connick Jr.” 4 years ago, and some days.. I answered a question.. if you were stuck in an elevator who would you want it to be with. He was the answer. Why? He’s a singer, a actor, a talk show host.. and secretly.. well he’s good looking and with all that he has to smell good, right? all in all.. what could go wrong if you are stuck 🤣.. it can’t be boring.. lol. I mean it was the first time responding, the first thought, honesty.

So as I sit, missing the love of my life, as we are at that 4 year anniversary, as I wish he was next to me in our bed, I guess my mind went to everything us. And it went to a movie romantic and it all tied to everything love and everything that made sense. And all things hopeful.

Hope does float.. and I hope ours always Floats back to each other and nowhere else.

But the movie had it right.. give hope a chance to float up, and it will. ❤

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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