You got this

Do you ever feel like your all choked up on words, that just won’t come out? Blinded by tears that just won’t come out? You feel the tightness in your chest where all your emotions want to burst, but they can’t, and while in this process you just feel so alone.

And then suddenly, numbness hits. The feelings, the emotions, the thought process, it all shuts down. It’s an indecisive feeling. Are you just tired? Will it all pass? Will the loneliness pass? Will the hurt pass?

You try so hard for everyone around you, you’re open. You’re free with how you feel, your emotions like a open wound left to bleed, left for them to just pour iodine on anytime they wish, until that moment, that final moment when it all goes numb. Is it temporary?

Your just tired, physically, emotionally, mentally. Rest yourself. Reassure in yourself that this too will pass, and what is meant to be will be. For is the love of no one else is there, your love will always be.

My friend, you will pull through this. Your tears will soon fall, your heart will love all you are. And this too shall pass for you are stronger than you know. You are your own best friend. Your biggest love. You got this.

Keep keeping on.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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