Make time

How often do you hear yourself say to yourself or others ‘I just don’t have time’ or ‘Sorry, I haven’t had the time’? Now reflect on the time you did have and how it was utilized instead. How did you prioritize that time?

We often will find that we had the time, we just didn’t decide to use it on what was or should have been more important to use it for. Or what we may have thought would just be there later, isn’t. Sadly, we sometimes find it’s too late. Sometimes we find thos people we thought would be that phonecard that would be there later after we took some down time to read a book, or go have that quick drink with a friend, wasn’t able to wait around for us.

We often use the phrase with my step-daughter “do the things you need to get done before the things you want to get done”. However, we are all creatures that don’t always practice what we preach. I need to get up and fold laundry, however, I am sitting here having a cup of coffee and blogging.. haha. I was thinking this morning also, as my dog was running crazy, I really need to walk her or get her to the dog park, I just don’t have the time, in reality, maybe if I didn’t read a book or play games on my phone, or take a nap after work, I could make time for the needs of my dog, for the living things in my life. For the important things that need my time. The games, the book, it will all be there later, but the actual, living, Breathing things that require my time, will not always be there, whether by choice or by nature. That’s just how life goes.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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