You get what you give

The old saying goes “You get what you give” but what happens when you reverse it and “Give what you get?”

Lets take our jobs for instance, we work our tails off. In todays day and age it doesn’t seem that employers are willing to give what they are getting. Its hard to come by an employer who really appreciates a hard working employee and give what they get out of what the employee who is hard working. Instead they go blind on what they are getting or there lack of out of those who are not. But that moment if you were to start acting like these lazy employees, you can bet it would go noticed. If you were to Give the quality of pay, you can bet it goes noticed.

In an ideal world we could do this. But, unfortunately, many of us would end up jobless I would guess.

But there are many things in life where it would be a perfect world if we always got the same we received, where when we didn’t we could just give what we received and sometimes, where when we weren’t getting what we were giving dint hurt, feel like neglect or like a shut down when we didn’t atleast get half in return. But in the end we have to remember, we are unique. No two individuals are the same. The people around us are not our characters. Our companies are not going to carry what we carry in our work ethics as a single individual for example.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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