Life & Time – Time part 2 (on a more personal level)

Looking back on last week, I think of all things that were great about it.

_ Getting Married
_ Vacation
_ Time spent with loved one
_ Decompress
_ Exercise (we always do a TON of walking on vacation)
_ Laughter

That is just a list to name a few. Of course the getting married was the highlight of the trip and the memorable part of it. But, as I think of everything else, it was just having time, which I spoke of in a blog previously as well, and just the time of ‘being ourselves’. No stress of work, nothing in the way of everything. It was great to be able to spend time with Matt and not have stress from work bogging us down in our moods or worries. It was great to have all day, everyday for the most part to just spend time together. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It was the being able to talk about anything and nothing each day. To laugh and reconnect on that aspect of things.

It seems when we are home its the same routine, work all day, have dinner, and sit in front of a TV or our phones and never really actually having or even taking the time to stay connected on the simplest level, its LIFE, and that part I get. But, With the vacation there was no competing with a electronic or work or anything else. Knowing when speaking you had full attention. Knowing that we were giving each other the attention and time needed.

The time away from home and being somewhere different to totally disconnect from everything was great too. Knowing that work did not have to be an issue to worry about or be exhausted from mentally. Don’t let anyone tell you that burnout isn’t a thing, because it really is and it affects EVERYTHING, not just work performance. While this didn’t ‘cure’ my burnout, it did help to clear the head a little. Yet, I still find come Monday when it was time to return to the job, so did the burnout feeling after just a few days. Its probably the same, repetitive thing that does it. The dread of the workplace in general.

The getting out and walking around Vegas was great. Seeing a different place, even though we had been there before, the being outdoors which is something I enjoy (and probably why I love my hobby of Geocaching so much) and just getting a little exercise in. Another thing that LIFE gets in the way of after I am drained of energy from my job as well as other things.

Its hard to believe at my last job I had gone nearly 8 years without a vacation. Just taking time for myself, or anyone for that matter. Doing so now, having a partner whom I can be with and spend time with, instead of it being me against the world, it is all a great feeling. And as I said in the blog about getting married, never did I think it would happen to find my true partner. Someone who makes everyday, no matter how stressful or dreadful the day itself is, worth getting out of bed for to continue on. That in itself makes life so much easier. The little (and some big) things as mentioned above, that makes it even more worth it.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

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