Funny thinking of this. What is GWD? Well, looking back about 13-14 years ago, it’s the good wife direction. A ter a best friend of mine spoke of.

We talked how ‘that was the goal, work toward the GWD. Be all we could be and be that good wife. It’s really all I do.

And now.. its happened and someone has loved me enough for who I am, what I am and all I hope to yet be. And I am what I thought was funny then, always thinking, Right! Me a wife, NEVER. But no matter how bad the situation, I tried.

Fast forward to last week, now I am a wife and found the Truest meaning. Accepted for my flaws, yet appreciated for all I am and yet to become. (Let’s face it, no matter our age, we’re always growing). I guess that GWD finally made me what I was meant to be, I just had to find the right place for it.

Life brought me here and I finally found the love I deserve. I just had to stop searching and let it find me first, then let it break down my walls, followed by just being me. The rest fell into place when I finally gave the chance.

My only hope now is to be all I can be and more, we all know I am my worst enemy. Trying is not enough, and I want to be, without failing those close that have won my heart.

Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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