To all of you mothers, embase the day and all you have done.

Happy Mothers Day to all

Whether you are a mom to be, a mom, a step mom, a fur baby mom or an adoptive mom.. you are a mom. You have helped raise a child. And while every day should be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents day.. you deserve A Day!

There has never been nor will there ever be a year that I will be ‘The Mom’ unless it’s to my fur babies of course, but I will always have my motherly instincts. When I finally found ‘The one’ I guess it couldn’t all be the perfect fairy tale. And well if it was perfect something is bound to not fall into place, Right?!? I can take the sacrifice as I have gained a step daughter to help hopefully mature into an outstanding young lady.

I have written on this before regarding the kids I helped raise for over time. I have always stepped in and stepped up to help and love and nurture anyones children. Now, I truely am a step mother, official as of April 2022. Hopefully, I won’t be always be seen as the evil step mom. Hopefully as she gets older she sees I have always wanted what was best for her. I have parented many dogs who have never regretted me being a dog mom at least, i do have that going for me and I get that right.

Nike did so with he usual wakes after midnight and a face lick this morning, along with digging at my head. She has been completely insame since to remind me that I’m her mom & up my butt all morning. I did my calls to my mom and my mother in law to wish them both a Happy Mothers Day before I got my day started. Last year My moms first words were ‘your practically a mom now.. what are yours plans?’ This year she asked if I got flowers. Big change up. 🤣 But funny none the less. I told her I got 2 crazy dogs who said I couldn’t sleep in and the husband was still sleeping.

Either way, it’s a choice. You either choose to have kids, or you choose to be a step parent. And kudos either way. Everyone deserves life, guidance and love no matter how it is given. So on this day whether you are a father playing both parts, a mother with the help of a father or a single mother. If you have chosen to be that step parent or a mom to someone in any form big kudos for stepping up, while others may not acknowledge that you took this step, I do. Pat yourself on the back.

Last year was painful as I was really treated disrespectful and felt hated. But, I have learned, yes.. I am a step mom but at the end of the day, to them it isnt the same and not a day I deserve recognition and thats okay. I do give myself a pat on the back everyday, and I do know some days aren’t easy.

In seriousness.. To all the mothers and fathers out there. Look at what you have been given. It’s a gift. Love it, grow it, and cherish it for all that it is worth. Its not something everyone is given. You were chosen to have this! And on another note, much respect to all parents, single raising kids, those who take responsibility and pay child support, and to those who take on others kids and love them just the same and choosing to be in a situation you don’t have to be in.

Yours sincerly,


Author: Dana Gidner-Kristal

perfectly imperfect

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