Those geniuses over at Porn Hub have given you something to do while you wait for you phone to charge: masturbate.

The Wankband is a device you strap to your wrist that generates power when moved in an up-and-down motion; think those self-charging flashlights or hand-cranked radios. But this watch is specifically designed for masturbating. You can quite literally power up while self-pleasuring, and then plug a USB device into the watch to save on electricity and charge a device while you bask in the post-orgasm afterglow.

Although the watch seems geared more toward men, there’s no reason women can’t get in on the action, too. The watch isn’t out yet, but if you want to apply for their beta, you can click here (don’t worry … it’s pretty SFW).

Now, the next time your parents or roommate walk in on you pleasuring yourself, you can just scream, “GET OUT, I’M CHARGING MY PHONE.” They might not believe you, but you can yell that.